A Model For Treating Depression

Depression Brick Wall

You might be familiar with the depression expression...

- Hitting your head against a brick wall.

You feel like you are hitting your head against a brick wall when no matter what you try to fix a problem doesn't work.

You try again and again and again.

You feel like the situation is hopeless and you feel helpless.

Your frustration just keeps on increasing day after day.

At first you became anxious that you couldn't fix/solve/escape the problem you have.

But you have had the frustration now for so long that ... eventually you start giving up, you start caring less.

You start losing your motivation and energy. You know it's important but you can't do it much longer.

You are having trouble with your sleep, with your concentration, with your memory, with your emotions, with your constant tiredness.

You are heading into clinical depression.

Your frustration tank is starting to overflow.

Depression Frustration Tank

When the level of physiological frustration inside your body becomes so high that it starts to make you physically sick, you are supposed to become depressed. In this context depressed behaviour is the way your body copes.

If you totally give up, your frustration levels will drop and the harmful effects on your body will be decreased.

Depression can be thought of as a psychological defense mechanism against the toxic effects on the body of high and constant frustration.

The purpose of depressed mood, motivation and energy is to make you give up and stop you hitting your head against that brick wall.

Depths of depression

Of course the problem with giving up is that you don't satisfy yourself.

You don't approve of yourself. You get frustrated about not doing what is important to you and you get caught in a spiral that is definately downward.

That's why people talk about the 'depths' of depression.

You can't think your way out of the depths of this spiral. Because when you are this low, your brain chemistry produces thoughts that are hopeless, helpless and pessimistic in their content.

The way you climb back out of the hole is through action.. To get out of the hole, you need to become less frustrated with your life. When it comes to getting rid of frustration, action speaks louder than words.

If you get an activity schedule going where actions you take produce immediate results, your activity will gradually reduce the frustration in your life.

Depressive thoughts like "I don't feel like doing anything." ... "I don't know what to do." ... "I don't enjoy doing anything." ... will definately get in the way of this activity schedule and you will find working with a psychologist very helpful at this stage.

And at the same time if you work with your psychologist on the B-C links of your depression , the combination of moderating your thoughts with reducing your frustration will gradually lift you out of your hole.

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