Frustration Mastery Is An Essential Ingredient For Success

A low frustration tolerance causes underachievement

Too much frustration makes smart people do dumb things. Read about it every day in the newspapers or see it on the news. Fact is, when the human mind becomes too uptight, it under performs very badly.

You don't think very well when you want to scream. The closer you get to 'loosing it', the greater the loss of your common sense. How many times have you looked back on something you said, or something you did with utter disbelief and maybe even disgust that you could say or do such a thing.

All humans can temporarily lose their common sense!

Understanding how this happens is a good start to learning how to use the power of frustration.

Frustration tangles can make you dumb

Frustration Dumbs You Down

Getting wound up is the body's reaction to tangles. When you are not getting what you want, or cant see how to straighten things out, your physiology starts to rev up.

Heart rate and breathing increases. Blood pressure and muscle tension increases.

Oxygen levels increase in your bloodstream and a string of hormones including adrenalin and cortisol are released into your bloodstream to energize you.

Brain chemistry changes. This causes the slant of your thinking to change. You become less and less interested in the 'outside' and more and more focused on the 'inside'.

To an observer, you would appear to become more 'self centered' or even 'selfish'.

You could become 'bossy' or you could become 'whimpy'.

Your body wants to calm down. It wants to escape from or untangle the frustrating moment as quickly as possible.

This is when your thoughts are highly susceptible to being influenced by frustration.

This is when you are likely to do something dumb.

Monitoring and manipulating frustration makes it work for you.

A model for managing the power of frustration

Life makes sure that frustration gets into our tank everyday.

If we don't have good ways to block some of it...

If we don't have regular ways to vent some of it....

The level will build in the tank. Look out if the level gets near the top of the tank.

When this happens, people start getting worried about losing control, they can feel it starting to slip away.

The more anxious we get, the faster the level rises.

If the tank overflows, then anger or depression is the result.

If we can become good at managing the level in our tank...

If we prevent our tank from getting too full...

Then we stay smart. We don't let our thinking and our strategies get shutdown by anxiety, anger or depression.

Mastering Tank Levels

We can master the plumbing of our tank. The tools and skills we will use will include:

Filters to reduce the amount of incoming.

Taps to vent and a routine to use them regularly to prevent the daily buildup in the tank.

Fast and effective strategies to use in the 'heat of the moment' (in the moments when we can feel ourselves starting to lose control)to prevent ourselves from becoming anxious about feeling uptight.

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